Often a source of YouTube & Facebook entertainment, dash cams continue to gain popularity among drivers for a few key reasons. Opportunities to become an online sensation aside, dash cam footage is frequently being used by insurance companies to determine who's at fault in the case of a collision. Having a dash cam can give you the confidence of knowing that the facts will speak for themselves rather than having your case evaluated based on witness testimony and police reports...




Thinkware Dash Cameras have the ability to set priority to partition the SD Card depending on your preference of recording whether it be Driving mode, Parking Mode, Event Recording or Manual Recording

Thinkware Dash Cams will automatically partition your Micro SD Card and create sections for the following types of footage: 

Continuous Recording
Event Recording
Manual Recording
Parking Motion / Timelapse Recording
Parking Incident Recording 

Thinkware Dash Cams use memory card partitioning to make sure you have enough storage space for the different recording modes featured on the Dash Cam. 
A partitioned space is an amount of reserved space on the Micro SD card. Each recording mode on your Thinkware Dash Cam reserves a specific amount space on the Micro SD card. 

Thinkware Dash Cams feature several recording modes: 

Continuous Recording – Normal looped recording while you are driving.
Continuous Incident - G-Sensor triggered while you are driving.
Motion/Timelapse - Parking mode Motion Detection or Timelapse.
Parking Incident - G-Sensor Triggered while your vehicle is parked.
Manual Recording - When you press the manual recording button. 

There are several different options for memory card partitioning. Specific partition modes are more suitable for a particular use of the Dash Cam.
Available partition modes are:
Continuous Priority (Type A) - Ideal for longer drives and where recorded footage may be used for entertainment purposes or holiday footage.
Incident Priority (Type B) - Ideal for when the car might be used by several different people, stores more recorded incidents from when the vehicle was driving.
Parking Priority (Type C) - Ideal for when the vehicle is parked in busy streets or for long periods of time eg: Airport parking, shopping centre car parks.
Manual Priority (F/Q/U800PRO only) - Ideal for use by people who routinely save specific pieces of footage eg: Long-haul truck drivers who need to records bridge crossings, security guards.

   The partition mode can be selected in the Dash Cams settings either by using the relevant PC Viewer or Mobile Viewer APP.


 A 16GB SD Card on a Full HD 2 Channel System and with your Thinkware Dash Camera Partition set for "Continuous Priority (DRIVING MODE)" 

Your estimated recording times would be before loop recording,

Continuous Driving - 60.5 Minutes   

Continuous Incident - 7.5 Minutes

Manual Recording - 8 Minutes

Parking Motion Recording - 6 Minutes

Parking Incident - 15.5 Minutes

Note: Parking mode duration is also limited to when the preset shutdown voltage or thermal temperature protection has been reached



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