The APP & Website - 2 powerful tools to view & manage your GPS tracker.2 great features of our GPS trackers are the mobile APP and online website.There are no fees, they are free to use.

The APP can be downloaded for Apple IOS or Android smart-phones or tablets.For the online website, simply logon from any computer - no software to download.APP and website have passwords (which you can change) to protect your privacy.
Download and open the APP on your smartphone to logon using your trackers IMEI number (ID number) & password.If you have multiple trackers, we can provide you with a 'user account' so you can view all trackers at the same time - or individually.
The APP is a powerful tool that allows you to locate, monitor, track and control your GPS tracker. Multiple users of the APP & website is permitted.

GPS logon   GPS menu    

   Logon Screen      Main APP menu      'Real Time'        History

'Real time' shows you the current or last reported location - compared to where your phone is.It is displayed on the APP's own maps - map or satellite view.geo fence
'History' playback allows you to select any day up to 6 months ago so you can see where the tracker travelled.You can playback at different speeds, pause and zoom in to see more map detail. map or satellite view.
A 'geo-fence' is an invisible boundary. If the tracker moves in or out of the area, you can get a text alert.A 'geo-fence' is easily set by moving the pointer around the map and then a slider to define how large the boundary is.You can set multiple areas.
The 'issue command' panel lets you set tracker parameters.THE ONLINE WEBSITE:PC logon         With the online website, you use the same logon details as the mobile APP.Again, the website is free to use. No fees apart from your wifi charges !
The website is usually used for more tracking details (engine start/stop times for VT900) and for printing travel reports. Otherwise, the mobile APP is used 90% of the time as it is so convenient.

Mongoose LT600 GSM/GPS Tracker


Classic car

Track anything that is not powered  -  Up to 5~6 months on one battery charge !

Now you can track your trailer, horse float, boat, shipping container, farm/forestery equipment, or anything that cannot provide power to the tracker.Designed for long term tracking reporting just once a day - a single charge can last for months. 
It is also perfect for daily use, reporting every 30 seconds when moving. Battery life is approximately 60 days when used in this situation.No installation - No wiring - Attaches with powerful magnets
Attaches to horizontal flat metal surfaces with its built-in magnets. Includes tamper/removal photo electric eye for mobile phone alerts.
Just insert a 3G SIM card, pair your phone and download the mobile APP to start tracking.

FREE mobile APP & website - No Fees - No Contract

See current 'live' location on your smart phone, tablet or website
Playback history of travel - revolving 6 months history
Built-in magnets for attachment to metal surfaces
Built-in tamper/removal photo electric eye (mobile phone alert)
Long life Li-ion 3.7v 20,000mAh rechargeable battery - Standby - 150 days
With typical daily use, tracking every 30 seconds when moving, up to 60 days between charges
Typical use on say a trailer or boat reporting just once a day is up to 5~6 months*
Geo-fence - sets a perimeter boundary - Multiples can be set. Min' radius 100m
Alerts:- Shock - Speeding - Move/tow - Low battery - Geo-fence - Tamper
Uses mobile data for low cost operation
Unlimited range via the mobile network
Password protected
Remaining battery life shown on APP
Low battery alert 
Power saver function (sleep) - wake up with internal movement sensor
Mains/USB charger - 100/240v~5v *
Water resistance to IP-67. 
Rain/splash proof - do not submerge
Size: 120x65x47mm - 456g
Status LED's
2 year product warranty
3G SIM card required
# Mobile APP. The APP is designed for smart mobile phones and tablets. Not suitable for Windows mobile phones.* Battery life is dependant on good GPS and mobile phone reception. If the tracker cannot receive the correct reception from either, battery life will be shorter whilst it is searching for signals.

Mongoose VT900 GSM/GPS Tracker


When you are looking for a vehicle GPS tracker that does what you want at a realistic price - look no further.
The Mongoose VT900 has to be the best value, feature packed GPS tracker. 3g quad band
Just a glance through it's array of features shows it can do almost everything most users want or need.
What's more, it's so easy to use thanks to the mobile APP !


Mobile APP - FREE to download and use
History recording website - FREE to use - no download required
Uses low cost data for location reporting to the website
Uses text messages for warning alerts to your phone
Send just 2 set-up texts to start tracking
'Account' logon for multiple tracker users - see all trackers on one screen
Live track your vehicle(s) on your smart phone, tablet or PC
History playback (continuous 6 months)
Print/save travel reports from the website
2~3 hour battery back-up
Uses LBS (cell sites) for approximate location when no GPS available (an aid to Search & Rescue)
Maximum of 3 authorised 'users'
Time adjustable for daylight saving
Engine immobiliser - optional fitment (should be starter motor only - see cautionary note below)
Geo-fence - sets permitted travel area - multiples can be set
Manual Arm/Disarm function for alerts
ALERTS FOR: Ignition - Shock - Geo-fence in/out - Speed - Move - Low power - Power disconnect
Small size: 70x40x22mm - 50g
Water resistant to IPX-6
12v~75v DC
Uses a 3G GSM/WCDMA SIM card  
Easy installation - only 3 wires + immobiliser
2 year product warranty

ENGINE IMMOBILISER CAUTION - We recommend immobilisation of the engine starter as this is safest method.The stopping of an engine via the ignition or fuel pump whilst being driven may have dangerous consequences.MOBILE APP & WEBSITE The mobile APP is designed for smart mobile phones & tablets.APP is not compatible with Windows mobile devices.APP and website are operated by a 3rd party and are provided free for purchasers of Mongoose GPS trackers.Mongoose has no control over the appearance, function or operation.
Some features in the APP may not be applicable to this model.
At times the APP and website may be offline due to upgrades, maintenance and back-ups. This is for your protection and improvement in product performance and reliability.Tracker requires 3G SIM card with voice, text & data capability.


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